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    Jamila is 25 days old. She has a fever and is suffering from septicemia in her chest.  We found her at a health camp and Dr R K Singh admitted her to the nursery ward and has begun treatment.






    raginiThis is Ragini. Ragini is one year old and weighs six pounds. We admitted Ragini for six days over which time we began nutritional supplements. After that time Ragini was much improved and was able to go home with Eezee paste to continue the good work.


    imranI have been away for a few days. when i came back yesterday Imran was admitted. 4 short months old and less than 5 pounds weight. he is very sick. Today he will have a blood transfusion. Why, I continually ask myself the question, does this still happen in our world?

    New Born Twins

    twinsThese twins were admitited to our unit five days ago when they were less than a day old. They were critically ill with blood poisoning and were turned away from two Government hospitals because they had no money for medicine. Somehow they found us and our doors were wide open. your support is there hope. “Life matters to everyone”


    shantiEye to eyes. We found little Shanti two weeks ago at a camp 150 kilometres away. She was very sick suffering from a very bad infection in her lungs. She was born with cleft pallet and is severely malnourished. Another charity will do the surgery for free when we have made her strong enough. Her father weighs her every day and yesterday proudly told me that every day Shanti gains 15 precious grams, little ounces of life given back.


    nimalNimal came into our unit last Thursday with severe malnutrition, normally we would need to keep him in the unit for 3 to 4 weeks.

    He was discharged home on Monday with a weeks supply of eezee paste. Every week we will monitor his weight. normal recovery time is 5 to 6 weeks. One days supply of this food will cost 30 cents. We are one of the first charities in India to be using this. This will change every thing.

    Meet this wonder food for malnutrition called eezee paste, It is a peanut, milk powder and sugar – ready to eat food. It has been the standard treatment for malnutrition in Africa for over 10 years. The Indian goverment are only now allowing for its use.



    AgThis is Ag, he is 11 months old and weighs 5 1/2 lbs and is severely malnourished.  We have started nutritional supplements and oral medicines.  We have performed a chest x-ray, blood tests and urines tests but the family do not acknowledge that Ag is unwell.  They think he is normal and give him milk and fruit.  We are trying to get the family to agree to admit him for 4 or 5 days.


    babuThis is Babu, his family are from Bihar Chand.  They went to a hospital locally but they were unable to treat him so he was referred to Dr Singh.  Dr Singh diagnosed Babu with Meningitis and has been treating him.



    SandhyaThis is Sandhya.  She is five years old and has been diagnosed with TB and has a high fever and head pain. She has been treated with antibiotics.  The mother is very poor so we provide food and milk for the children.  Mina takes Sandhya to see her father when her mother is at work.


    Baby Maha Laxmi Ag

    Baby Maha Laxmi AgBaby Maha Laxmi Ag is 7 months old.  He weighs 9 pounds and has breathing problems and diarrhea.  The family took the baby to a doctor but there was no improvement so they brought  the baby in to see Dr Singh. Dr Singh administered oxygen and has tried to stabilise the baby’s blood sugar and given antibiotics and  Baby Maha Laxmi Ag has improved.