Dear Reena, she was and i am sure is still a feisty one! When we came upon her she was severely malnurished Our first aim is to treat a the child at home if possible, and only the severest cases are admitted to our unit. We provide supplementary food support for a period and then teach the family about managing the money they have for food every day. We teach them about healthy cheap food options, and about ways of cooking that keep the most nutritional value. Our health workers are all Indian women and much of this is knowledge that has been lost through the generations (sound familiar?). Reena’s Grandmother died about two weeks after this photo was taken and the children left the state to join their parents who were in another state looking for work and sending money home every month. Because of the time we had with Reena to make her strong we are sure Reena is being as determined as ever.

Reena after 3 months of medical care and nutritional supplements.