Project Update August 2014

A Story

When I left India 2 months ago we made the decision not to admit any more sick children into the Hospital and to concentrate only on the malnutrition program. This was due to funding difficulties. For my part I did not want to be in India when this began to happen.

a flywheel that has gathered a momentum is not so easily stopped

Last week, we were going through our two monthly audit of the number of children we had helped. There were 23 children treated in the malnutrition program, 8 of whom had to be admitted to the malnutrition unit for special care. 15 children were admitted to the hospital in the medical program, the same program that we had stopped 2 months ago. Our Indian Team said they were sorry but they could not refuse these children as there was no place else for them to go. They were sorry for acting from humanity, being sorry for the extra money we now owed. My response was “I am not sorry, you have done the right thing, we will raise the money somehow.”

These, below, are the names of the 15 children who were admitted to the medical program. Children who had nowhere else to go. The program that was not supposed to be running but was kept going. This project believes in the sanctity of life and has developed the knowledge to restore it. From the initial conception of the hospital we determined to be the best at what we do. If a child came to us for help, he or she had come to one of the most professional medical treatment centres available.


  • Simran (12 years, T.B.)
  • Babu (2 years, high fever)
  • Apsana (20 months, T.B.)
  • Babu (3 months, pneumonia)
  • Alfia (3 years, meningitis)
  • Vanshika (3 years meningitis)
  • Shiva (2 years, cholera)
  • Diya (16 months, malaria)
  • Zehara (2 years, malaria)
  • Paria (3 years, cholera)
  • Sitard (10 months, severe diarrhea)
  • Vishnanath (5 years, T.B.)
  • Ishaka (11 months, high fever)
  • Ram Babu (3 months, dehydration)
  • Dolly (2 years, pneumonia)


These are some of the children treated on the malnutrition programme over the past month:





We urgently need more people to join our fundraising team. All the work is currently falling on just a few people which makes going forward more difficult.Any help is most welcome and badly needed. We currently have 64 Euro in the bank and owe 3800 Euro. If you wish to donate online click here

Upcoming Events

Thankfully we have upcoming events in Cork city so we would ask your support to keep us going.

1. Bag Packing in Marks and Spencer, Cork city

On 14th, 15th and 16th of August
On this Thursday, Friday and Saturday we are short of 15 people for 1 to 2 hour shifts. If you feel you can help in this way please reply to this email and we will be in contact.


2. An Afternoon Recital

On Sunday 21st September
“An Afternoon Recital” will take place at Maryborough House Hotel from 3pm to 5pm. The recital will feature special guest artist, opera singer Amanda Neri, and will also include David O’Sullivan on piano, flautist Maria Mulcahy and soprano Aine O’Sullivan. Tickets are €25 each, and can be purchased from Pro Musica on 021 4271659, or alternatively please contact Marian for tickets on 087 6555762.

3. Mini marathon

On Sunday 28th September at 1pm
The Evening Echo women’s mini marathon which is a 4 mile walk. Men, we are welcome to join in. We hope to get 100 people doing the walk for us. Could you be part of that? We have sponsorship forms ready to be sent out, please contact us.

The sponsorship cards have ten lines and we have a suggested donation of 5 euro per line. A sponsorship pack including literature for each sponsor, a cover letter and a five week fitness plan will be provided.

4. Online Craft Sale

Following the success and interest in the one week handmade silver earring sale in March of this year organised by Eva Lynch, she has decided to take things a step further. Eva will run a one week sale on a range of beautiful handmade products. Items generously donated by national and international crafters, designers and producers will go on sale online for one week in October. More information will be posted on the website in the coming weeks.

In Conclusion…

Ten years ago, on the 23rd of November 2004, we admitted our first child into the project. It has been a huge journey and it will be a time to celebrate with music and dance. This is very much in the planning stage now.

Final note: I believe that the response of our Indian team was the correct one and am heartened by it. We need your support as a response to their response.


Thank you,

Paddy and the Varanasi Team
089 9593147