Mobile Clinic

This is our mobile health camp in action.  We go into rural areas for two months and we assess their health needs. We look for malnutrition, TB and long-term illnesses. We teach health promotion in the area and then, when the health and basic health education needs are met, we move on to another area.

There is no free health care in this region of India.  The areas that we take the unit to are chosen out of need, this need is often assessed by the prevalence of malnutrition in the area.  When we find an area that we feel might benefit from the mobile unit, we approach the elders of the community outlining what we do and how long we wish to stay in the community.  We expect the community to give us a workspace and the willingness to engage in the health eduction projects.

According to the 2011 census Varanasi district has a population of 3,682,194.

The Varanasi Children’s Hospital is not able to run the mobile clinic for the time being due to lack of funds.  To donate please click here