Hospital and medical program and Funding for 2014

In November it will have been 10 years since the Hospital and project began. It has been a whirlwind journey but a journey that has been signified by lack of money. A constant struggle which personally I have found very difficult.

Due to lack of funds our mobile clinic is closing in a few days and there are no plans to restart this program. The Hospital which is technically still open is in reality closed as we have no money for the treatment of children. We owe almost Five Thousand Euro for medicines and tests currently. In November, as said in the last post, the rental agreement which we have had since 2004 is up for renewal. As things stand now – we are not going to renew. The possible ending of something very beautiful.

The only way this will not happen is if a sustainable approach to fundraising is found. This is far from impossible but it would take a more sustained effort by more people than are currently involved. It would take a degree of vision, of people looking ahead with ‘strategic planning and management’ I have no doubt that you are out there. We are asking now that you stand forward.

For my part I would like to step back from fundraising and and be one of these people, as a volunteer, doing what I can, when I can. The truth is that I just want to do this work here in India quietly without any fanfare. To have the degree of freedom to come and go from here as is necessary.

All money raised between now and October will go to the Hospital. After this it will be decided if there is enough good will towards the project to keep both the nutrition program and the hospital open or just to concentrate on the nutrition program.

Watch this short Video on our facebook page which shows how the Hospital Runs and what having no funds means to us.


mobileunitThe Mobile Unit will close on 18th May due to lack of funds

How can you help?

Somehow the inequalities in the world can seem overpowering. What can an individual do? In a real sense this is something that only each individual can decide upon. It is possible for everyone to do something positive in the world, from helping an old lady across the road, to a kind word and a listening ear, to finding a cause that you believe in and put your creativity there.

If ‘there’ becomes ‘here’ for enough of you then this hospital will stay open.

Ways to get involved with us and keep the Hospital open

There are some people planning events for us during the summer, more are needed.

We are trying our best!

A fun Dragon boat race is happening on the 17th May in Cork. It is a great family fun event. Involvement can be as small or large as suits, raising some sponsorship money/actually getting in a boat / this can be a fun team-building day for companies and a bit of crack. We are still looking for 8 more people to fill a boat (contact Don on 086 1786425 for more information and sponsorship forms.)

Text and sponsor our boaters or donate now via PAYPAL


We have a bucket day planned for the 27th and 28th of May in Cork city. We need as many people as we can get to help us. Please get in touch if you can help.

All donations will help us continue our work.

Vibes for Varanasi 2

vibesVibe for varanasi 2 will take place at the Secret Garden venue at Reardens Bar, Washington Street in Cork City in July and we are looking for BANDS , COMEDIANS , POETS , DRAMA ACTS , BOLLYWOOD DANCERS , FIDDLERS , STEEL DRUM PLAYERS , ETC ETC that will give up their time for one night to help raise much needed funds for Varanasi Children’s Hospital in India. Please email Patrick on THANK YOU

And more ideas are:

  • Having relay marathon teams for the Dublin City Marathon.
  • A repeat of the Vibes for Varanasi Concert being planned for this summer.
  • Tea party’s / Coffee mornings.
  • A birthday party. In November we will be 10 years working, no matter what is to happen it is a time to celebrate this and to thank everyone involved.
  • Standing order currently we receive 194 Euro by standing order every month. With this money our Schools program is fully funded and teaches over 200 children every day. For those of you that are in a position to do so we would ask that you consider this as a long term option. It allows us the possibility to plan ahead (A printable form for your bank can be e mailed to you – contact us )

We have a dedicated team available to support you with your idea E.g. Posters, publicity, developing a small idea, making it work, getting a venue etc

We need more people to become actively involved if the hospital is to stay open

If you would like to know any more information you can contact us on this email or if you know anyone who might be interested in our work pass on this link.

We have no administration costs in Ireland. There are no paid staff, all are volunteers

So the big question how much do we need going forward. For a fully running 8 bedded hospital treating up to 250 seriously ill children a year it will cost about forty thousand Euro. There is a plan in place for how this would happen if the money can be found.

A realistic budget for the coming years for the Malnutrition program is twenty thousand Euro per year.

If you would like anymore information on what you can do to help keep our Hospital open or questions about our projects please contact us or on this email

Click here to donate now – every euro counts!