How to make a donation

Text India to 50300 to donate €4

100% of your donation goes to Varanasi Childrens Hospital across most network
operators. Some operators apply VAT which means that a minimum of €3.25
will go to Varanasi Childrens Hospital

. Service Provider: LIKECHARITY. Helpline: 076
680 5278.

By Bank Transfer / Deposit / Standing Order

Varanasi Children’s program
AIB Kanturk
sort code 93-61-70
Account number 02687001
IBAN IE22 AIBK 936170 02687001 BIC AIBKIE2D
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By Cheque
Payable to:
“Varanasi Childrens Program”
Varanasi Childrens Program
The Mill
Co. Cork
Via Paypal

What does it mean to donate to us?

Recently we had to refuse to admit a critically ill woman, simply because we had no money ourselves for the treatment. This is the unfortunate reality that we are dealing with. What we can do is directly related to how much we are given.

We are constantly in communication and negotiation with our medicine suppliers who are only in a position to give us medicine for cash. We have no credit facilities and need an ongoing flow of cash.

Your money will buy medicine for our children, who come to us asking for nothing more than a chance at life.

Can you spare 5 Euro a month? if so you are one of the 400 people we need to fund all what you have seen. More is welcome, less appreciated. It’s simple go to your bank and make a direct debit payment to our bank account. Please send us a message so we know who you are. Thank you.

Last year we admitted 186 children in to our hospital. 74 of these had severe malnutrition, 112 were admitted to the medical hospital.

Cost of running the hospital and malnutrition unit €17,708
Mobile medical unit which treated over 2500 children €3,722
Health Promotion unit €1,155
Schools program teaching over 300 children every day €2,684
Total expenditure 2011 €25,270

100% of your money goes out to India.

We are a small project, all the work in fundraising, administration needs, travel costs to India and living expenses are done completely without charge. Thank you for clicking the link to donate. Even a very small amount will help us. Good aid saves lives. Your money will make a difference.


Pat Mc Mahon Co founder and Director