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Mission Statement

“When  a child comes to us for help,

we will refuse to say no”

This hospital can not be allowed to close

We refuse to say no.

We need help. .

Even send us a message (below) of good will, sign up for our newsletter.
Send out this energy of good will, this too has currency.

Pat Mc Mahon


We do sometimes take volunteers in the Hospital. This is entirely at your own expense. You need to be able to tell us how you can be of help to us in Varanasi. For example our last volunteer designed a teaching pack for our schools on health, covering food, T.B., malnutrition, worms etc.

We are always looking for help with fundraising and if you can spare any time you will be amazed at the impact you can have on children’s lives even by hosting a small event.

Pat Mc Mahon
Telephone: 089 9593147
Varanasi Children's Program
The Hill
Co. Cork
Charity Reg: CHY19325
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