Chai Tea May

May is the month of tea parties

( well it is now! )

We are inviting you to use us as an excuse to gather your friends together, drink tea.. chai, green, black, herb, coffee, wine, or anything at all and catch up, chat and have some fun. Cakes, nibbles, book club, writing class, art group, pottery, dance, whatever you do together do it with tea and do it for the children of Varanasi!

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#Invite your friends
#Ask for a donation
# Ask for at least ONE volunteer to host the next tea party
#Send us your details and your donations
# Send us your pictures and stories

ALL monies raised go to the malnutrition unit
NO admin fees
All donations will be acknowledged

For fun we are offering a small prize at the end of May for
*The best photo of your event as posted by you on our page
*The most money raised
*The post that amuses/moves us the most

Please message us here or email on
Donations can be made by paypal, cheque or bank transfer.

Thank you all so much

Cork Varanasi Fundraising Team
Paddy, Linda, Anne, Juergen, Don

Picnic at Kanturk Castle
from 3pm on Friday 31st May.
Minimum donation 5 euro, please bring something for the communal picnic.

Sponsor Linda in the Cork City Dragon Race

Click here to visit Linda’s fundraising page

Chai Tea Party and Labyrinth Walk

Farmer’s Cross, Kinsale Road, Cork, Cork City Centre
Sunday 2nd June 3pm