We think that you are 5 years old and your weight is 15 pounds. I see your tiny legs and think how is this possible. It may not be pleasant for us to look at but if we do not look and think then no change is possible.


Alliya has been with us now for one week and slowly she becomes strong. She still cant sit up. How wrong a world that we live in that a child of 1 year has not the strength to sit up because of hunger. She is real of heart and soul just like you and me. This is real. We are with you


Dear Salma, she is 6 years on this earth and is only 10 kg, about one and a half stone, in weight.

I have no more to say, words simply have no use when confronted by such realities of poverty. Her road is a long one and we will travel as much of it as we can with you, dear you.


Mono came into our hospital very sick suffering from vomiting and loose motions for 5 days. He was very weak. The cost of his treatment for a 1 week stay in our hospital, including medicine was 25 euro.


Sahal is 12 years old and he came to our mobile camp. He has a tumor on his shoulder, but due to poverty his family were not able to get it operated on. We have taken a biopsy and when we have the results in a few days, we plan to operate.



Bano, is 2 years old and weighs 11 pounds in this image. When she came into us she was almost on her last breaths just 10 minutes later and her life would have been no more. Oxygen was started and intravenous  fluids. Very careful care and feeding is making her well.She is simply and perfectly a child.

21 July. This is little Bano today, she pulled througn, ready at a moments opportunity to show her childs spirit. life is life, precious and perfect!




Afjay is 3 years old and 12 pounds in weight. Can you imagine that?  He weighs less than 6kg.  Afjay is a very rare case, normally a child with such severe malnutrition will not survive longer than 2 years of age. Slowly he is improving and gaining pounds. He will have to stay with us for 1 to 2 months.




Karan is 5 months old and suffering from meningitis. She came in critically ill. The family were refused admission to the goverment hospital because they had no money for medicine. Look into her eyes and see the life. Money should not be the reason that they are closed. The world should look after me. For all those that have no hospital to go to I am sorry.


Little Tinku. We found him, or he found us, who can say, at our mobile clinic in a critical condition. He was rushed to our hospital where he was put on oxygen and received a blood transfusion. He is 1 year old and weighs just 12 pounds. His little body was saying “no more” and giving up. We said “more”. One more day and it would have been too late. He was granted this day and so life. He has made a full recovery. Well done us.