About us

Pat Mc Mahon is the co-founder of this project and leads the Irish fundraising efforts. He is a qualified nurse having trained in England in 1998. Pat is a native of Meelin in north Cork, as he says himself proudly, Meelin is the highest village in Ireland. After Pat qualified, he went off with his bag on his back and travelled for 5 years through Asia. India was the first port of call on that initial trip. It was a place he says that he knew he would return to.

In 2004 he did indeed return and, in his own words, he was struck by the wrongness of the system of healthcare he found in Varanasi. It is a system wherein if you have no money for treatment there is no hospital that will admit you. Pat worked on his own for 6 months on the streets of Varanasi taking poor children to hospitals and paying for treatment.

dr singh

With his money almost finished, he was preparing to return to Ireland, when a chance meeting with a doctor made his departure his immanent return. Dr Singh, a paediatrician, was setting up a small private children’s hospital. He had found a building which was bigger than he needed. At that very moment the hospital and the project was born.

This is a beautiful project and we are doing amazing work. The program has been running for nine years and we have reached a level of maturity and knowledge over that time.

Our mission statement supports our goal that any child admitted to our hospital should receive the best standards of care available so that they have the best chance of survival. We stand proudly by that and we have saved hundreds of children.

Initially the project was set up as hospital, but it has developed into a holistic community program, as local needs became apparent.

The Varanasi Children’s Hospital was founded in 2004 by Dr R.K. Singh from Varanasi and  Pat McMahon, a registered nurse, from Meelin, North Cork in Ireland.

We now operate a:

  • Malnutrition unit
  • Children’s Hospital
  • Mobile Medical Unit
  • Health Promotion and TB Clinic
  • Schools Program

Annual Accounts:

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The following short video gives an overview of the work we do and the Varanasi region.