A round-up of 2013….

The team who took part in the Cork City Dragon Boat Race for the Varanasi Children's Hospital

The team who took part in the Cork City Dragon Boat Race for the Varanasi Children’s Hospital

First of all I would like to thank everyone for your support during the year whether it was through bag packing, boot racing, coffee mornings or personal messages of support and advice. Without your support this would have been a very lonely journey indeed.

It has been an extraordinary year for the project. I left in April with a vision and a hope to extend the malnutrition program using plumpy nut which is the standard treatment for malnutrition in Africa. Red tape stood in our way to use this amazing therapeutic food. With the warriors sword drawn the gauntlet was thrown down. Victory was ours and we became one of the first organisation in India and the first in the state of Uttar Pradesh to be allowed to use this. The results have been truly amazing. We now have no walls and 80% of the malnutrition we come across can be treated in their communities.

So what have we done so far this year?

Malnutrition program 122 children treated
At the very heart of what we do is the treatment of Malnutrition, “bringing fat back” We are one of the very few organisations in India that are tackling this problem and it is something that we do very well.
Admitted to our hospital 94 children
In the medical part of the program we treated 94 children. This is both a good news story and a not so good one. A lot more children in Varanasi needed our care but these are the ones that found there way to us. Unfortunately this is where money matters.
Health camps 1331 children
We run a Mobile health camps every week where we provide a Doctor and give medicine to children. A typical camp seeing 30 to 40 children including transport staff and medicine will cost less than 50 Euro to run each camp. Yesterday Sunday the 15th of December at a camp we found 4 severely malnourished children and they have been started on our new community nutrition program which costs less than 30cents a day for each child. Big cheer for us!
Schools program 250 children
If we were to say that we teach 250 children every month and it costs less than 1 Euro per child to do that I think that would good value. That is just what we do!

Good news

Staff of HSE (Cork and Kerry) Association for the Relief of Poverty (SHARP) will make money available to set up a completely independent malnutrition program in an area called Ballia 100 K.M from Varanasi using only government workers and hospitals. This is a massive undertaking as it is putting the process in place that the Indian Government can take responsibility for their own people. Although we are a small organisation I believe that we are punching far above our weight. I am returning in 4 weeks the 16th of January to begin this program.

If we were to say that we teach 250 children every month and it costs less than 1 Euro per child to do that I think that would good value. That is just what we do!


The running of the above projects necessitated us spending money we did not have, between loans from individuals over the summer. (Thank you) and money owed to our medicine suppliers and rent we now owe a whopping nine thousand Euro. In the business world this may be considered bad management; in the world of the sick child who is depending on us, it is money very well spent

How you can help?

We have a Marks and Spencer bag packing day on the 23rd of December where we will require up to 30 people. Contact details below
We need people to give us a little time in helping with fundraising events, ideas and support. It is a opportunity of being part of something beautiful

We would ask you to consider

We have just set up a texting option!
Text India to 50300 to donate €4
100% of your donation will go to Varanasi Children’s Hospital
Service Provider: Likecharity 014433890

Just as 100% of the donation will go to us, 100% will go out directly to the point of need. 1 text and 4 children have a education for 1 month not a bad 20 seconds work

Like our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/varanasichildrenshospital

Keeping the tradition alive

Hunting the Wren

Hunting the Wren

We will be Hunting the Wren on St Stevens day around the estates of Cork city. We need people that are up for a bit of crack. We already have 4 group leaders its just the pack that we are missing. This is a hard day’s work but always great fun and very rewarding for all concerned. We will dress you up and you would never know what we will end up hunting down, so swingers and singers come on down contact me for any that might be interested 087 3108140

Vibe For Varanasi

Cyprus Avenue In Cork City centre have given us the venue for free on the 10th of January so we have planed noting less than a night of cabaret….. This promises to be a great night of entertainment will music, storytellers, poets, Drama, a little bit of circus and more. A night to remember for all

This will be my last weekend in Eire for a while so you never know what I might be getting up to before I venture into the heart of uncertainty

‘My hand to yours little one’ A short story

Salim this 12 year old boy instantly found a place in my heart just before I returned to Ireland in September. I think it was because of the most human way he cared for his severely malnourished little sister. He is blind or so we were told. One of our staff noticed that he appeared to have some sight and from there he was taken to an eye specialist and through simple vitamin A injections he has gone from 10% sight to 30%. The Doctor believes that he will gain some more sight although irreversible damage has been done.

As beautiful as this story is it is as equally shocking and sad that this can happen to the children in our world. My Hand to yours I offer you little man.

The Future

The future is as bright as it is uncertain, where next month’s wages for our staff in India is going to come from is still a struggle for us. Life saving medicine can seem so far away at times and yet what we do is hand back futures. Just as my future was handed back to me when I was too young to remember because I was born in this country. I had this little bit of luck. It is this luck that I feel with my every fibre should be every child’s right. What we do is truly amazing and in all the struggles I know how deeply privileged we are to be able to make this difference.

We are constantly looking to ways of funding the project. It has been a hard 9 years but constantly there is hope that there is light at the tunnels end The present situation with the International Funding is that we are now eligible to apply to Irish aid funding and the application is now in process. We are also looking further a field to funds in America that sponsor malnutrition programs

Your continued support ……no matter how small is most graciously received.

Some friends have put this little documentary together about how the project came to be and how I came to be in the project. It is the story of how in one moment of time a lifes direction can change, we hope you enjoy and pass it on

Tel 087 3108140
E.mail patjoe6373@yahoo.co.uk
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Thank you for your support

Paddy and crew